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Learning through dogs


In October 2004 my cocker spaniel, Celina, passed away. After her passing I had begun looking for a puppy.. Dingo came into my life in December 2004. He’s an all American mutt, although I suspect he’s mostly labrador, terrier, and chihuahua.

Dingo’s an all around dog willing to do anything and everything. He’s always game for an adventure, or a cuddle on the couch. Dingo’s extremely easy to train. He can master a behavior in one session, and have it pretty much proofed by the second. He loves the outdoors and running with the bike. He’s happiest when we’re strolling along the lakes at fast jog pace.

He’s always ready for an adventure, and has a wild streak that leaves him almost fearless of things that would startle most dogs. He has a strong disliking of people who’re too intent on touching him or grabbing him. He prefers to build relationships slowly. He also tends to be dog reactive, but we’re working on it.

Dingo is my cross over dog. I was raised to train dogs with harsh corrections and little praise. Oddly enough our cockers were fairly well behaved until our last. Since Dingo came I began to realize these methods did nothing but damage the relationship between us. I knew somewhat of reward based training, however at that time “balance” and “dominance” were what was popular and I was a little to dense to see beyond popularity. With Dingo, and then Dasy we found the light together.


2 thoughts on “Dingo

  1. Heather Brand on said:

    Hi …i was looking at dingo pics an the pic you have right here is identical to the puppy we got almost a year ago but i dont know if shes a dingo my wife an i named her chill…if u e mail me back i can send you a pic of her maybe u can tell me if she is….thank u for your

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