Its The Dog

Learning through dogs


Meet Dasy, the pup of our pack. She’s a beagle mix I adopted in April, 2009.

The first time Dasy and I met, I was helping a friend look for a dog at our local shelters, she and the 8 other puppies in the litter were in a kennel in the back. A few weeks later the pups were still at the shelter awaiting adoption. At that point I was looking a new pack member myself. On that day only four of the pups were in the kennel, the others were being altered. First pup out was a beautiful red female that the shelter staff had named Cinnamon, she wanted nothing to do with the kennel or me instead whining at the gate to be let out. Second pup was a female with a shiny black coat and a white marking on her chest, she didn’t care to socialize prefering to sniff around. Third out was a male named Milo, he was mostly white with lemon spots.  He was far more interested in the bed in the kennel sniffing it deeply. The final pup was another beautiful red female with white on all four paws, chest, neck and chin, they called her Mocha. After spending in hour with the pups I had decided that Mocha would fit into our pack perfectly.After speaking to the shelter staff for a little more info I put in an application. A week later she came home with me.

Following the Australian theme, her name was derived from the family Dasyuridae. Since coming home she’s been nothing but perfect. She’s a perfect balance of free spirit and needy. Content to cuddle on the couch if nothing is going on, but always ready to play, work or run.

Dingo and Dasy bonded immediately, Dasy’s first evening home was spent playing and sleeping with Dingo.


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