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Learning through dogs

The Author

I’ve been surrounded by dogs for just about my entire life. Growing up, I was indirectly taught that dogs need to be put in their place by force. I was taught to improperly use correction collars. My first dog, who adopted me as hers, did not require forceful handling. She was a kind dog, though a little touchy. She had a bad habbit of pulling on the leash however, which only corrected itself in her old age when she was no longer capable of walking for any real distance. I miss my old girl, but she was ready to pass when she did. Her final actions will stay with me forever.

After Celinas passing Dingo came into my life. Dingo has been my learning curve. He’s unfortunately been exposed to the ugly side of dog training, and later the beautiful side. 

As a cross over trainer I have spent the last several years researching and learning true dog behavior and how to communicate appropriately and humanely with my dogs. As with any science, learning is constant and you can never know everything. SOme things will become obsolete, others will become more solidly founded in fact. With this blog I hope to document my learning curves, and my dogs. There will also be rants, and dumping of thoughts on the topics of dogs and training.


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