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The importance of body language

I’ve posted about body language before. It’s something I believe everyone should have some understanding of, especially those who share their lives with dogs. Understanding body language can prevent bites and maulings, it would seem like common sense to have at least a basic grasp of calming signals.

Unfortunately most people aren’t even aware that dogs communicate with us so much. I recently viewed a youtube video depicting a great dane with a small child climbing on his back. The dog was clearly not enjoying the experience, but the parents recording the event were encouraging the child. There were two instances within the 2 minute video where the dog froze. These people were oblivious to the danger they were putting their child and the dog in.

The video can be seen here; Danger dane

Just because a dog is tolerant or below threshold doesn’t mean you should continue to push the dog, doing so is asking for trouble.


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