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I’ve found tools can be very controversal. Even if they aren’t detrimental by nature. One of those tools is the dreaded flexi-leash. Everyone has encountered them, some have had great experiences with them while others absolutely hate them. I’m middle of the road. I’ve had dogs come flying around a corner in a store and ambush my dogs. I’ve had dogs block bike trails while out for a ride with Dingo, and putting us at risk of a bad fight. I’ve also seen dogs in the middle of the road while their person blindly walks on the sidewalk texting. I’ve even seen dogs take off at a full-out run and yank the handle out of a person’s hand. But I’ve also seen them being used responsibly. There in is the underlying problem, most people don’t give a hoot if their dog could potentially end up dead cause they let is wander willy-nilly on a 15ft flexi.
Flexis can be great if you’re walking in a field, or even doing off leash prep, but on a train, sidewalk or other place where someone is at risk of being tripped is not a good idea.

The other thing I see commonly is flexileads use with a flat buckle collar or even choke chains. This is an awesome way to collapse a dogs trachea. Even if the dog is not pulling you, it’s pulling the leash. The reeling mechanism inside the handle creates tension for the dog to pull against. It’s been hypothesized that this can set loose leash walking back because you’re training your dog to pull you (The dog gets freedom for pulling.).

If you insist on using a flexi leash, use it responsibly or accept the responsibility of any injury resulting from having no control over your dog. I’d also recommend working on LLW before using a flexileash.


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4 thoughts on “Flexing

  1. I used to use a flexi leash. As a new dog owner I probably made all of the mistakes: using a collar with it (which would yank my poor little Chester around by the neck when he took a run at it), letting Chester have free reign with the leash (letting him approach other dogs and almost making a biker crash once) and walking in oblivion. I learned to become a responsible dog owner and still used the flexi leash though. I used the brake feature to keep him close to me in public and switched to a harness. I still saw the potential for Chester to get injured even with a collar so I switched to a static leash. I also switched out of principle. I see so many people mis-using them that I didn’t want to support the use of them….that and the many rope burn scars on the back of my leg 🙂

    BTW..thanks for stopping by our blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • I usually use a 100ft long line with Dasy, sometimes on her martingale, but she’s not the type to bolt and she usually drags the end so there’s nothing to really pull against. We only use the long line in areas where it’s safe and not overly populated. I dont have anything against flexis, I kinda like the idea of having a reel for when you dont need all the lenght out, but it leaves so much room for mis-use. They should come with some sort of manual and maybe a class. 😉
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It appears that my first comment was sent your spam. My comment disappears into spamland when I post it under my regular profile on some WordPress sites. I have to use an old email to get through. If you could kindly mark us as not spam we will stop having problems. Thanks.

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