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Oh the eggcitement

I’ve posted on here previously about my quail, they’ve been laying steady for a month or two now, and fertility is high. I’ll admit I have an obsession with hatching, and thankfully quail and chickens are easy enough to find good homes for. Added to this the hatchaholics community on Backyard Chickens ( are hosting a hatch along for New Years Day. I can justify hatching because I’m planning on selling hatching eggs, but any self respecting hatching egg seller will test viability of their stock. Okay maybe it’s an excuse, my point of this post is around New Years Day, I’ll be posting a URL to my hatch cam so everyone can join the eggcitement, it will be an educational experience for those of you who have small children as well. And maybe some candling photos and video showing the progess.

My goal is 6-9 quail eggs, and a dozen chicken “eating” eggs bought from a local farm(HOORAY for CSA!).


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