Its The Dog

Learning through dogs

House Guests

For the last week we’ve had four little house guests of the feline kind. Terrified and pretty feral we spent a week with them getting them use to people and dogs. Dasy adored her little friends, and tried her best not to scare them. They were about 10 weeks old and tamed pretty easily once they realized he had food for them. By the end of their stay they were trying to play with Dasy’s tail and hissing and growling had just about stopped. Dasy’s only other experience with cats was with a mean adult that never gave her a chance. On Friday the foursome went to new homes with friends, two live with a large dog. Dasy became invaluable in the lives of these kittens, and I’d say she enjoyed every second she had with her litter, even the times they just wanted to run from her.


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