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House Guests

For the last week we’ve had four little house guests of the feline kind. Terrified and pretty feral we spent a week with them getting them use to people and dogs. Dasy adored her little friends, and tried her best not to scare them. They were about 10 weeks old and tamed pretty easily once they realized he had food for them. By the end of their stay they were trying to play with Dasy’s tail and hissing and growling had just about stopped. Dasy’s only other experience with cats was with a mean adult that never gave her a chance. On Friday the foursome went to new homes with friends, two live with a large dog. Dasy became invaluable in the lives of these kittens, and I’d say she enjoyed every second she had with her litter, even the times they just wanted to run from her.



I decided to write on a topic that has touched many thousands of people’s lives and devastated families; BSL. There has been an outpouring of support for one particular dog named Lennox who’s been in holding at a Belfast Council Contracted Kennel in Belfast, Ireland since May 2010. Lennox is only one of thousands of dogs forcefully removed from their homes because of the way they look.

So whats wrong with BSL? BSL was implemented under the guise that pit-bull-type dogs have a higher incidence of bites and a propensity to be vicious. These myths are the foundation of a legislation bent on tearing families apart and imposing certain false beliefs on innocent people. The other problem is that many mixed breeds take on characteristics that may look a bit like the so-called pit-bull-type dog. Given the bull and terrier/bulldog past of pit fighting and baiting these beliefs are common. But for those who know the bully breeds the truth is the complete opposite. In fact American Pit Bull Terriers were never bred to be human aggressive, it was as close to being bred out of them as possible so they could be pried off their query without the human being bitten. Even in the days where fighting was legal these dogs were often called Nanny dogs or The children’s Nurse Maid due to their disposition and friendliness toward people and especially children. They are incredibly gentle dogs who would sooner lick you to death.

Many thousands of dogs are put to death every year in the name of looks. These dogs are torn from their families with no warning and euthanized without chance to remove the dog from the area of the BSL. So to honor the lives lost, Dingo and Dasy present a candle, for those on death row and those who’ve passed.

So what can you do to help stop BSL? A step in the right direction would be to write your law makers.

Here are some resources for you:

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Puppies! or something like them

Over the past two weeks I’ve been playing mother to a brood of coturnix quail eggs. Now they’re due to hatch!

To celebrate the occassion I’ve got a live webcam on them at

One was internally pipped last night.With any luck they will hatch. So join the fun and excitement.. okay it’s a bit dull until they actually pip, but you can still watch.

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