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Irene’s Kiss

As I’m sure everyone knows the eastern coast of the United States was pummeled over by hurricane Irene. Slamming into the Carolinas and plowing over New Jersey. Thankfully the storm lost its energy as it moved north demoting itself to tropical storm Irene. That’s not to say that Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York didn’t get hammered by the storm. But the effects of the storm weren’t as great as predicted. There was flash flooding, some torrential down pours, and gusty wind, but our once predicted 20+/_ inches of rainfall diminished to 5.8 where I live. This means the dogs don’t have to dock dive off the porch to go potty.

The dogs handled the storm in stride. Dasy refused to go potty Saturday night due to the rain. By Sunday morning she had no choice. Dingo is quick about relieving himself, he barely got wet. Aside from the annoyance of rain neither dog seemed to care about the storm. Dasy thoroughly enjoyed the puddles in the yard however; perhaps they just smelled too good.

But explorations were kept to a minimum to give the wildlife a chance to recover from the blow. Many birds were seen unable to fly much more than 3-4 feet due to being absolutely soaked. One such bird could only hop, she unfortunately ended up passing away. I also saw a number of grounded crows in yards, they just sat there fluffing their feathers to retain any sort of warmth.

Parts of our neighborhood almost washed away with the copious amount of flooding. Some roads had 2 foot deep gorges carved through them by rushing water. Some of the marshes flooded roads and a good number of trees came tumbling to the earth. Truth be told though it could have been much worse.


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