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It’s National Dog Day!

Thats right, today August 26, 2011 is National dog day. In honor of this day I think we should all take a look at why dogs deserve a day all to themselves.

One of the main reasons people bring dogs into their lives is to stay active. Everyone knows dogs thrive on physical activity, even if it’s just a simple walk. A walking companion is just what some people need. Dogs are usually more than happy to fulfil this need(or want).

Dogs are also comedians, bringing laughter into the lives of people all around the world. Inspiring people from Charles M. Schulz to Brad Anderson to immortalize the antics of the canines who touched their lives. People have been welcoming fictional and non-foctional stories of dogs in books and film for ages. Dogs pose a safe subject in childrens stories and an endearing feature for adults. The stories of Lassie, who’se fame cannot just be credited to children, are a fine example of this. The popular Little Orphan Annie radio series featured Sandy the dog. And how about Buck from Call of The Wild. These are all classics that have outlived their time and continue to amuse, entertain and fascinate people.

Endearing, and heart warming experiences play out in reality as well. On August 19th, Petty Officer Jon Tumilson’s dog, Hawkeye, remained by his casket during the funeral service. Stories like this exist from all corners of the world. After the earthquake in Japan, a story of two dogs made headlines. One was injured, the other was his faithful companion who refused to leave his side.

So to all the constant companions, compadres and furry partners in crime, here’s to you for all that you do for and with the people in your lives. Happy National Dog Day!


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