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It’s a rare occassion when people today get to enjoy life without worry of whats for dinner, or what projects need completion on the “to do list.” Thankfully thats why we have Camp Unleashed. A camp that allows dog guardians a chance to be a dog for at least a few days. To experience what our dogs like to do, and maybe even do it with them.

Dasy is an earthy dog, her aroma is sweet and musty a combination of the dirt she rolls in and the flowers she frollics among. I do not consider her scent to be an odor, I actually like it as it is her. She, and I, enjoy many outdoor activies however opprotunity for some activities in this area are slim. It’s an oddity when there’s a seminar anywhere within an hours drive of Berkshire County. To have a place like Camp Unleashed in the Berkshires gives dog guardians and their dogs an outlet that is difficult to meet in our normal daily lives.

This past summer I’ve spent much time helping Dasy over come her water phobia. She’s now at the point where she’ll walk out to me and allow me to carry her into deeper water and release her. She’s become quite the little fish, however she will not leave the shore on her own. The only attempt she’s ever made at doing so was during Woofstock 2010 when she attempted to follow a very loud three legged GSP into the water after a stick. I say attempted because she was on a 6′ lead. I have no doubt that if surrounded by canine friends who are water savvy she would dare the impossible and paddle her way shore to shore.

Dasy at Woofstock 2010

Dasy at Woofstock 2010

Dasy has other interests besides swimming. She’s a regular Tom-Boy(she even stands very boy-like when she’s playing)  enjoying to get her hands, or any other part dirty. I could see her excelling at agility, scent games and nose work. And enjoying every minute of a nature walk. We would both benefit from off lead seminars as thats the ultimate goal. I think I might benefit more from that than her however.


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