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The Hunter


Two months ago Dasy alerted me to an intruder in the house, the
culprit; a lactating female mouse. Together she and I set out to capture the
free loader, although we both had different ideas on how this would end. Dasy
got her way and with a quick bite the intruder was dead. The following day her
offspring made its presence known, although it managed to avoid the jaws of
Das. I bring this up because Dasy has since developed a fetish for killing. She’s
still trustworthy with the small animals that I surround her with, but those who’ve
shown up on their own are not as welcome. Aside from mice she’s also developing
a liking of chasing rabbits (she is part beagle).

This has posed a challenge for us because, outside smells of
rodent and bird, with some bear, dog, and raccoon thrown in for good measure.
Training outside has turned into mostly jackpots when she’s willing to break
the bond of her nose to the ground. I expect I’ll be writing of this often as
it’s a fairly common issue especially among the hound group.

This has also put a damper on our (My) hopes of having her
enjoy the freedoms of the world off lead. Her nose has the potential of leading
her off to places she just shouldn’t be (we now live less than 4 miles from an
interstate, the traffic can be heard clearly at night). I expect I will be
writing more on this as well.

Anyway I suppose this means I am on my way back from the long hiatus. It’s good to be back.


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